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Pawsitive Vibes

We know how irresistible minky fabric is for humans, but if you've ever left a minky throw blanket laying around, you know how much pets love it, too. We're all for sharing, but we've created this vibrant, paw-inspired Cuddle® Kit so you don't have to anymore! Our Fabulous 5 Cuddle® Kit ‘Pawsitive Vibes’ includes our Luxe Cuddle®Prism Paws VibrantLuxe Cuddle® Prism VibrantLuxe Cuddle® Galaxy Magenta(also used for the binding), Luxe Cuddle® Frosted Hide Carnation and Luxe Cuddle®Sherbet Vibrant fabrics. This Fabulous 5 Cuddle® kit is approximately 38" by 58" and includes a pattern, pre-cut 10" strips and binding.

Note that the backing fabric isn't included, and approximately 1 1/8 yards of Cuddle
® 3 Turquoise, Fuchsia, Orange or other coordinating fabric will be needed. Check out our Cuddle selection for the perfect match!