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Pick my Perfect Present!

Your family wrote to Santa.  They needed his help.  They know how busy you are and what great care you take of them and they wanted to show how much they appreciate all you do for them and take care of you!  They wanted to be sure you had the newest and best products to help you optimize your sewing and quilting time.
    Well, Santa is a wonderful man and he does his very best to keep up with new trends and new technology, but sometimes he falls a little behind on what is the latest and greatest in the fabric world.  However, he does have an amazing wife, and Mrs. Claus, being a quilter herself, does keep her attention focused on what is introduced at quilt market each year!  She knows what she needs to help her make the most of her sewing time - after all, she has Santa and a multitude of elves to make gifts for!
    So Santa asked Mrs. Claus to make a list and check it twice of twelve things she would love to find for herself under her Christmas tree - considering who she is married to, that won't be a problem for her. 
    Since Santa receives so many letters each year he really can't answer each one.  He sent an email to a few select quilt shops sharing Mrs. Claus' must have gift list and The Fig Leaf was fortunate to receive that email and list!
    Starting December 1st and ending December 12th we will be passing that list on to you with an email each day at 9:00 a.m. featuring a new item with a very special price!  If you agree with Mrs. Claus and you need, want, have to have the gift of the day, either give us a call or go to our website and place your order.  (The special price will only be available the day the gift is posted.  You may purchase as  many as you like and gift them to your friends as well.)  We'll wrap each item and gather all your purchases together into one lovely gift bag.  Then, between December 17th and 24th send your Santa's helper into The Fig Leaf to pick up exactly what you want for Christmas, because you've been awfully nice!